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Animal Consultations

Pets, like humans, are complicated creatures. More often than not, they’re healthy and happy, but occasionally things just aren’t quite right. They know it, and as their owner, you know it too − or at least you can sense it. With a pet’s general lack of ability to verbally describe their health problems, it’s up to the owner to seek qualified assistance from a veterinarian who has the training and experience to diagnose and ultimately provide treatment that rectifies the problem. In some cases, it might be medical and therefore treatable with medication; in others, the problem might possibly be behavioural and can be rectified with training. Other problems might be surgical in nature and can therefore be treated with routine surgery. But to diagnose the issue properly, it’s imperative that you book a consultation with a qualified and experienced vet at Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics.

Why You Should Choose Us

With two locations in Watsonia and Meadow Heights, Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics are well equipped to accommodate the needs of our patients & clients. Whether your beloved pet is in for routine surgery or undergoing a diagnostic assessment, our staff want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable throughout the experience as possible.

We understand that you’re busy and that it’s not always easy to make an animal consultation appointment during standard 9 to 5 business hours. That’s why we offer after hours animal consultation services for people who need a little bit of flexibility in their daily schedule. Book an appointment with us today.

We conduct consultations daily, Monday through to Saturday, by appointment, with no surcharges for appointments up until 7pm weekdays, & on Saturdays until 1pm. A consultation with our qualified and experienced veterinarians enables a thorough examination of your pet, and ensures a complete understanding and discussion of any concerns you may have. By the conclusion of the consultation, we can then determine the treatments, tests or procedures that will be of greatest value to you and the well-being of your pet.