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Look After Your Pet’s Dental Hygiene with Our Cat and Dog Dentist

Dental health is an often overlooked, yet crucial, component of your pet’s overall well-being. Dental disease can be a source of considerable pain to pets, causing objectionable breath, tooth decay and even major infections. As with people, the teeth of our pets benefit from regular maintenance with a variety of products that are readily available. We are able to provide you with prescription diets, the latest dental treats and prophylactic options (eg. water additives, toothbrushes and paste) for this purpose.

We also recommend complete dental scaling and polishing, plus extractions if we feel they are indicated, based on an initial consultation, where an estimate will also be discussed. All such procedures are performed only by our experienced veterinarians and under general anaesthesia, which ensures pain-free dentistry for our patients.

Our advanced, compressed air-driven dental machine with ultrasonic scaler, high-speed low-torque handset and polisher enables us to finely tune settings to each individual patient. This equipment achieves non-traumatic ultrasonic scaling, and enables us to perform complex dental extractions.

One of the most widespread health problems among animals is the prevalence of periodontal (dental) disease. It is believed that up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over three years of age suffer from the condition, which can lead to halitosis (bad breath) and tooth decay, among other conditions. Dental disease can largely be avoided by maintaining your pet’s dental hygiene.

Maintaining your pets dental health can most commonly be done by brushing their teeth, but not every pet is going to respond well to that approach! If you need a qualified vet clinic to oversee cat or dog dental health and prevent the pain of an emergency extraction, contact a cat or dog dentist at Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics today.

Essential Services and Products to Maintain Cat and Dog Dental Health

No longer do you need to search for a cat or dog dentist when you have Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics looking after your four-legged friend. Our experienced pet hospital can help you to implement and maintain a workable dental hygiene routine that prevents the onset of dental disease as well as the development and spread of dental plaque, calculus and caries. When you visit our cat and dog dentist in Watsonia or Meadow Heights, we can supply you with the necessary prescription diet food, toothpaste and brushes to increase the dental hygiene of your beloved cat or dog. We can also provide cleaning and polishing services and perform tooth extractions when necessary.

Don’t Neglect Your Cat or Dog’s Dental Health

Next time you book your cat or dog in for a grooming service, why not arrange a check-up for their dental health as well? We provide cat and dog dental health services during standard business hours at our local Watsonia and Meadow Heights vet clinics in the Northern Suburbs.