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Trusted Assistance from a Local Vet with Desexing Dogs & Desexing Cats

Desexing dogs and cats from an early age is important if you want to prevent litters of puppies and kittens from being born. This typically results in unwanted animals that end up homeless or in pounds.

If you need to have your pet desexed, be it a male puppy or female kitten, book an appointment at Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics. With clinic locations in Watsonia and Meadow Heights, we can assist you with all your pet desexing needs. Our Vet clinics can also provide a range of emergency services when needed.

The Benefits of Desexing Cats & Dogs

In the past, it was normal to desex a dog or cat at 5 ½ to 6 months of age, but these days it is becoming far more common to have your pet desexed from just eight weeks of age. For most cats and dogs that are lucky enough to not undergo any other form of surgery in their lives, the desexing procedure will likely be the most important procedure they will ever experience.

Not only does it prevent the birth of accidental litters, but it also reduces the likelihood of your pet contracting particular diseases and illnesses. In addition, having your local vet desex your cat or dog may help to minimise aggression or other behavioural issues.

Make an appointment with Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics in Watsonia or Meadow Heights for desexing your cat or dog. Enquire about our Pet X-ray and home visit services too.