Dog Grooming

The benefits of dog grooming extend far beyond just an aesthetically appealing appearance. Grooming your dog helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin that’s free of fleas and ticks, while regularly clipping nails maintains proper foot structure, corrects posture and reduces the likelihood of nail infection. Regularly scheduled visits can additionally help your vet to identify potential issues with your dog’s ears, teeth, skin and other important areas. Your house will also benefit immensely from your dog having a shiny, healthy and well maintained coat, as they’re less likely to shed hair. For expert dog grooming in Melbourne’s northern suburbs that cares for dogs from Craigieburn to Watsonia, book an appointment with Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics today.

Specialist Dog Groomers in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

We provide comprehensive dog grooming services at our Watsonia and Meadow Heights clinics. Our experienced dog groomers can work their magic on pooches of all ages and breeds. We endeavour to provide an environment where your dog feels completely safe and relaxed, and we stop for breaks when needed if the dog starts getting restless.
A dog grooming session is the perfect way to pamper and care for your precious pet. From Craigieburn to Coolaroo and beyond, when you’re looking for quality dog grooming in Melbourne’s north, call Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics.