Your Local Veterinary Radiologist for an Animal X Ray & More

Just like their human owners, pets can get into scrapes and become sick or injured. Just as we take ourselves to the doctor for a diagnosis and treatment, we take our pets to a veterinary clinic for similar diagnosis and treatment. In some situations, diagnosing your pet’s health problems might involve the expertise of a qualified veterinary radiologist who will take an internal image of your pet – also known as an animal x ray – in order to get a better understanding of your precious pet’s medical situation. If you suspect your pet might be suffering from a fractured bone or some other internal health concern, make an appointment with a veterinary radiologist at Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinics today.

Quality Animal Radiology Services Available for Your Pet

Operating from two locations, Watsonia and Meadow Heights, our vet clinic and hospital provides superior quality radiology services with top-of-the-line technology to help diagnose your pet’s health concerns. Your animal x ray will be able to identify bone fractures, bleeding and abnormal masses that will provide detailed insight into your pet’s health and wellbeing and may determine whether or not your pet requires emergency or routine surgery.

If you need a high-quality animal x ray from an experienced veterinary radiologist, get in touch with the local team at Northern Suburbs Veterinary Clinic today. Visit our Watsonia or Meadow Heights clinic today.